Savvy Bathroom Renovations Melbourne 

Savvy Bathroom Renovations Melbourne 

Bathroom Renovations
Fully renovating a bathroom is no menial task. As daunting as they are costly, bathroom renovations engender a whirlwind of anxiety-ridden emotions. Consider following these handy tips and tricks if you wish to keep your overpowering misgivings at bay.
Be Savvy With Your Budget
Experts recommend putting five percent of your home’s value into your Bathroom Renovations Melbourne GIA Renovations . For en suite bathrooms, this figure shouldn’t exceed 10 percent. Creating a sound budget plan will both boost organization and help pinpoint the most pressing matters. If possible, set aside additional cash for those pesky setbacks that inevitably arise.
Avoid Tampering With The Plumbing
An all-out restructuring of the bathroom may be what your heart desires, but the cost of replacing your current water and gas lines is not to be underestimated. Keeping the layout of your powder room intact will lessen the amount of the bathroom renovation considerably. What’s more, uprooting your pipes could result in an adverse plumbing situation. If your plumbing is operating smoothly, it’s best just to keep it as is.
Your Vanity Matters
While your vanity will most likely be your bathroom’s statement piece, vanities are far more than an aesthetic addition to the lavatory. When selecting your vanity, size is a critical component. Be sure to avoid large vanities as they can obstruct your walkway. Similarly, a suspiciously petite vanity will warp the scale of your bathroom. One way to circumnavigate ill judgment is to take measurements and decide on appropriate drawer space.Lighting
The way in which your bathroom illuminates is crucial when it comes to bathroom renovations. Dim lighting can shrink the size of the room while over illumination could be too sensitive on your eyes. A balanced blend of the two will create a tranquil, inviting, and expertly designed finished piece.Bathroom Renovation DIY Projects
As unorthodox as it may seem, you can certainly assume some of the bathroom renovation duties. Not all tasks need to fall under the contractor’s umbrella. If you’re a quick learner and don’t mind putting in some elbow grease, bathroom renovation projects may be right up your alley. Here are some DIY projects you should consider looking into.

  • Cutting and laying the tile
  • Installing the shower door
  • Installing the toilet
  • Installing a wooden frame around your mirror
  • Hanging your own shower curtains
  • Building your own shelves
  • Installing the hardware

GIA Renovations
For an expert opinion on how to go about renovating your bathroom, consider consulting the credentialed professionals at GIA Renovations They can be reached at 1300 442 736.

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